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Rangrez Holi Art Kit | Organic Gulals & Plantable Postcards

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Advait Living (Farms) and Plantables are bringing together "Rangrez - For the Colourful Artist in You"Holi is a festival of colours, love and joy. This...

Advait Living (Farms) and Plantables are bringing together "Rangrez - For the Colourful Artist in You"

Holi is a festival of colours, love and joy. This Earth Conscious Holi Art Kit is just a fabulous way to bring in the colourful festivities of holi and unleash the artist in you. 

Paint our Earth Conscious Holi Postcards and send beautiful Holi wishes to your family and friends across the world. On holi, paint your family, siblings and friends with our premium and 100% earth-friendly holi colours (that are made from flowers & vegetables). They contain no nasties that can hurt the earth.

What are our gulals made of? Our gulals are made with 100% edible agricultural produce, flowers & vegetables only. 

Pastel Pink: Our soft pink gulal is made from rose petals, beetroot and fragrance of rose. 

Bright Yellow: Our bright yellow gulal is made from marigold flowers & turmeric & essential oils.

Sky Blue: Our sky blue gulal is made from orchid flowers, and natural indigo & essential oils. 

Tangy Orange: Our tangy orange gulal is made from tesu flower, marigold, raw turmeric, beetroot and essential oils.

Our base is maize starch and wheat flour.

What does the kit contain: 

Advait Living's Natural & Organic Gulals (Set of 4, 50gms each)

Plantable's stunning Seed Paper Postcards (Set of 4)

Sustainable Packaging: Our beautiful rangrez holi art kit stems from a strong belief to create products that have minimal carbon-footprint and also contribute towards building back our soils and fauna.

The entire kit is carefully packed in 100% recycled materials. Our gulals are packed in seed paper that is handcrafted made using waste cotton scrap and has seeds of small plants embedded in it. It is wood free, sustainable and recycled. 

This kit comes with a set of postcards, also made from recycled paper with seeds of various plants at the bottom. The postcards, once used, can be planted as well! 

Our outer box is made with 100% recycled kraft paper box and is shipped plastic-free across India.

  • Sustainable Sourcing & Ethical Manufacturing
  • Responsible Packaging
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Solar Powered Production
  • Handcrafted in Agra

Eco-Friendly & Low Waste

Our products, crafted with sustainable practices and a low-waste production process (aiming towards achieving zero waste), significantly reduce environmental impact. This means each purchase you make is a positive step towards a cleaner earth.

Recycled & Upcycled

Combining recycled and upcycled materials, we create innovative and sustainable products that contribute to a circular economy. Our approach transforms waste into value, offering you products that champion sustainability.

Empowering Local Communities & Women

Every purchase contributes to empowering economically challenged women, driving change through opportunity and inclusivity. This means that with each product you buy, you're helping uplift women and local communities.

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